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Sutherland Design

Project Experience


With a background in scientific instrumentation, and experience of industrial and consumer applications, we can bring a system-wide approach to the design of electronic PCBs and assemblies. From high-speed digital, to high-precision analogue, to low-cost consumer products, we can help with proof-of concept prototypes, demonstration units, through to high-volume production line products. We can also help with design verification, meeting compliance standards, CE marking or testing of products during the different stages of product design.


From simple CPLDs through to complex FPGA and SoC solutions, firmware often provides the optimum price/performance for a product. We have many years of experience of designing firmware, covering everything from legacy PAL-type devices through to the latest System-On-Chip and FPGA. For proof-of-concept and simpler devices we can handle all your firmware requirements. For more specialised applications, we can work with you to design and produce the hardware platform and manage either the full project or part of it, as appropriate. We also have considerable experience in managing more complex systems, as well as identifying the most appropriate resources required for these.


We have many years of experience of software from 'bare-metal' up to Windows driver level, using embedded microcontrollers and full operating systems to interface real-time processes, physical sensors and physical control. We can operate at a 'software-only' level, or help to design and develop the platform that is running the software. We will write your software in either assembler, C/C++, or a scripting language, whichever is most appropriate to get the best price/performance from the system. We have experience in writing software for semiconductor manufacturing, scientific instrumentation, industrial applications and consumer products.

PCB & Systems

We can help with designing test coverage and ensuring products meet electrical compliance (CE) certification, taking products through applicable safety and manufacturing processes. We will design test rigs for prototypes and production systems as is appropriate for the complexity and sales volume of the product.

Consumer Projects

Sutherland Design have worked with many customers, designing products for the consumer market, from low-cost high-volume applications, like games consoles and digital TV through to specialist audio-visual products. We can help at all stages of your product, from initial system design if you are still at the concept stage, right through to compliance verification for a product close to completion. The requirements for projects are always different, and we work closely with our customers to find the best way to meet their needs.

Industrial Projects

We can assist with electronics design aimed at industrial markets, with the requirements for sometimes harsh physical environments, safety and robust control systems. We have particular experience of the industrial inkjet printing industry, and have worked with several companies helping to design and manufacture products in this application.